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Company History - Ala`Minute Corporate Catering & Event Planning

Chef RichieAs a chef owner, my 30 years of culinary and hospitality experience dates back to the time when a child’s meal was a valued priority. We at ACC, believes that as a strong foundation our goal is to bring a healthy dinning experience to schools with our 80% scratch cooking in a Ala`Minute style. For a fair value we offer the highest quality of meals, and along with our high caliber service we partner with you to help build your business and put in place the infrastructure to make it a success.

We specialize in multi-unit management and business-to-business development. Our focus as a company is never to underestimate any client but put our heart and passion into every project we are fortunate to obtain.

After years in the restaurant –hotel industry, I found myself in early childhood education food-service. I was the newer version of a lunch lady but a “man”. In 1996, I had the unique opportunity to prepare meals for kids that I grew up on, meals from scratch, healthy ingredients (farm to table) and limited process foods. With that I added the five stars, five-diamond customer service that I had learned from my experience in hospitality, and the reception was appreciated and enthused the parents.

Now from the “White House” to the “School House”, my mission statement I’ve been promoting through the years is the number one priority in the United States, and I am proud to associate myself as one of the pioneers.

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